Vaseline Queen
Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko & Tundra

Vaseline Queen
you hurt my spleen
Your touch makes the vessels
of my pride
glow with desire

In the darkness
our souls collide
only with you
I really slide

Vaseline Queen
Oh can’t you see
you’re the gasoline
to my machine

Slip inside me
- Bulls Eye!

The sweat of your ear
makes me swear
never to leave your hole
There is darkness in my soul

I can never be alone
please give me a bone
In disguise
I wonder why
‘cause the thought of you
oh yearning sigh

My shiny Regina of lubrication
for you I have this dedication
Let the fires of hell come in tonight
Play with me the games of heathen life

(Fire From Within)

Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko

Stuck on square stools
Howling at the moon
Satan my savior
eases his grip
of the family jewels

Avenge through
inner strength
The power of my strike is dense

Fire From Within
Bowel movements
Constipation is a sin

Forces unleashed
untamed by reason
Abdominal contractions
paves the way
for the floods

Uninhibited rupture
without form or structure
Spraying the land
With tonnes of mystical sand

(The Midnight Werewolf
Of Backdoor Love)

Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko

With a snarling grawl
your will will fall
by his promises
of intestinal peace
With a wink of an eye
he'll make you sigh
a sigh of relief
because he'll deliver release

The midnight werewolf
of backdoor Love

The beast has arrived
ride him with pride
his smile's kinda shady
wont accept a maybe
Oh Freddie
Nature calls

Growling at the moon
with angst and might
wants to do a spoon
to partner's delight
What the f
you are awestruck
but keen on wee
that is taking it too far

Cloud of fury
marking his territory
Banging his head
shaking your shed
Soon you will be
one of his pack
His cure, his lure
deserves respect

Black Hole
Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko & Tundra

Out there
far from our tiny speck
Beyond our sphere
lies a gigantic stretch

Of dark matter
were light doesnt travel
our Alma Mater
origin of Noctum Rectum

Black Hole
you’re the guardian of our souls

Thou Gutfiller
Raise a fist in a black glove
Stay in a seat of a white bus
Ah, the courage that you nourish

Trustworthy ejection
Greatest human flex
Never doubted you for a sec(ond)
once the thumb is out of sight

The Dump
Music & Lyrics:
Ei Saa Peittää

The dump is inside you
eager to come out
He's angry he's roaring
like Beatles' Twist & Shout
The Dump is inside you
waiting to come out
Flexing your muscles
slides him right out

Don't leave me now Dumpy
don't take the dive
There's more for you
than I can describe

Flatulent hugs
and noisy chugs
My gut's in action
the dump is a lump
Spring of lights
the dump affrights
He squints, I pinch,
in the air he flies

We parted now dear,
the grief I must bear
I'll miss you fulfilling
the void of my rear
Flattered by my words
The Dump reappear
Shooting from the stool
right back into my care

Ring Muscle
Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko & Ei Saa Peittää

I woke up this morning
feeling tense
My cheeks were sore and
content dense
Went to the loo
did number two
Instant release
a large block of cheese


My ring muscle is pink and brown
and my trousers are hanging down

Ring muscle!

The loving oOo
let it embrace
your finger
Kiss the bride
joy inside
Stir around
for a satisfying sound

I felt a haemorrhoid
tense and pink
My haemorrhoids are
in the sink
I feel really
The bum
is my void

I have to ring someone!
Ring muscle
Ring muscle

Excrement, Headbutt, Diarrhea, Feces
Buttcheeks, Shit, Turd and Poo
Passing the stool, Cut the cheese
Lay a log, Do a number two

Ass Wiper!

Hård Kuk
Music & Lyrics:
DeDe Peikko & Tundra

In the night, searching for something
dreaming of you
With a pole, steaming, erected
seeking a hole to go right through


Hård kuk

See my tower, my might of power
Mastering the puppet taking a shower
Strength by strength the muscle tighten
for all the vixens I want to frighten

I can't see beyond my darkness
but there is a space behind the harness,
There is no gloom in my doom
Staying immortally strong in my tomb

Lost in the swampy labyrinth
looking for a hit
I see the light in the darkness
coming from your slit
Call it demons' work if you may
I'm just saying it is the hard way